29 Mar
Wed / 2017

  1. FILMS
    Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

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    Private Billy Lynn becomes a hero after a harrowing Iraq battle. During a victory tour that culminates at the halftime show of the Dallas Cowboy game on Thanksgiving, flashbacks reveal what really happened.

31 Mar
Fri / 2017

  1. FILMS
    Struggle for Life (La loi de la jungle)

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    When Marc snags an internship with a French government ministry, he is surprised to learn that his assignment is to launch a ski resort in tropical French Guyana. Naturally, once in Guyana, everything that could go wrong goes wrong.

  2. FILMS
    Uncompleted Song (Comment c’est loin)

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    Uncompleted Song is the hilarious, heartwarming autobiographical tale of leading French rapper Orelsan’s struggle to make his hip-hop dreams come true. The film is as much hip-hop musical comedy as provincial bromance, a heartfelt hybrid true to its writer-director and star’s unique personality.

01 Apr
Sat / 2017

  1. FILMS
    The Brand New Testament (Le tout nouveau testament)

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    The Guardian calls this dark, witty, and eccentric film “a sweet and blasphemous satire.”

  2. FILMS
    One Man and His Cow (La vache)

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    Algerian farmer Fatah and his belowed cow Jacqueline have an unexpected adventure across France as they travel by foot from Marseilles to the renowned Paris International Agricultural Show.

02 Apr
Sun / 2017

  1. FILMS
    We Are Family (C’est quoi cette famille?!)

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    Tired of constantly carrying their parents’ lives on their backs, seven half-siblings hatch a revolutionary plan: They live in one place, and the grownups are the ones who have to rotate in and out of the home.

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